Robot is A Man


 Kanneh, they said that the mouse that we used everyday farking day is a female becos it use mouse pad.. ok.. although I very lan-not agree with that…

Let me show to all the farking idiot and bitch outthere…  do you know what gender a robot is ?

ROBOT IS A MAN….   see he need to plug in his “lanjiao” to get charge whether the energy level is low.. so does man..

Therefore , whenever , the man demand sex ; please give .. dun say that the man is hamsap.. remember , without the bloddy hamsapness.. you wont be here reading my lanjiao wuliao cheebye post.

At the same time, if the man go to “chicken farm” to look for the hole or urut batin, this is damn normal.. provided that he is looking for the front hole, not back hole.


4 Responses to “Robot is A Man”

  1. lanciaolang III Says:

    Damn..this has to be the best blog in the world

  2. ...kanneh Says:

    err…. my mouse doesn’t use a pad leh…
    so my mouse is male?

  3. WTF Says:

    Diu~ why so long never have new post. I really can’t wait. Fuck You.

  4. Sohai Says:

    hahaha, really pukimak 1!!!

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