Samseng Dusun Tua at UPM !!!


After the bully case happen at Sekolah Menengah , here come the gangterism at UNIVERSITY !!

Fark !! what is happening to Malaysia ??? Bloody bastard.. Uni student woor… fark.. is this what we have produced under the DEB ?? u gotta use ur bitch brain to think about it… 

Makchaohai… lu olang mai universiti belajar apa lanciao ??? Belajar jadi samseng dusun tua ?? pukimak… memalukan nama universiti Putra saja… nanti jadi Uni Pukimak Malaysia…

Apa nii.. u nii orang Melayu wooi, beragama Islam…   ingatlah sikit… dah laa kes rogol, sumbang mahram, liwat semua hangpa terror.. nii samseng pun hangpa nak terror jugak kaa ??

Kalu hangpa memang terror sangat..pii laa lawan Israel wooi…  Fucking asshole !! hangpa cuma tau fuck punggung saja.. mamat taik punggung !! Fark to the security guard there.. do what ???


6 Responses to “Samseng Dusun Tua at UPM !!!”

  1. earl-ku Says:

    haha, samseng UPM la, just wait and see la, see what the police is gonna do, makahai, i think thats all the do everyday … eat sleep class eat sleep football, then occasionally when chinese do somthing they dont like, they go terrorise them … and to think of it, they are University student … Uni student my ass la tiu …

    the more i look at it the more furious i get … now that their face is plastered all over the internet and 1 Major Mainstream Paper … see what they have to say bout it …

  2. Tiuno Says:

    police ?? i believe they will say: wa tak tau.. apa nii ??
    and the Uni admin will say: we need to figure a way to ban student carrying camera phone.. fucker

  3. dragoncity Says:

    the security guard eat shit one…

  4. lanciaolang Says:

    Mak Chao Hai!! What a Nice Blog!

    Feel free to visit our project too ( and FYI, you have been featured in our latest post).

    – Lanciaolang

  5. another lanciaolang that drop by after the 1st lanciaolang posted bout this blog Says:

    damn.. i see many farks.. ;-D

  6. gyver Says:

    apa la lu bising2…antam saje la..kasi tanam itu samseng…. jenis makan susu gimau kot… memang perangai macam gimau gakkk.

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