Damn Heavy Jam at FTZ , Penang

Anyone from Penang FTZ noticed that there was a weird farking damn tulan traffic jam happened yesterday at the Junction of Intel-Agilent ?

Puiih…. makchaohai laa… there was a road repairing done at the traffic peak time.. damn tulan… kanneh.. the contractor don have brain izzit , or he is using his two smelly lokchat to think and use his brain to fucking around the bloody pondan asshole ? Choose the wrong time to do the farking damn work..

If they are continuing the cibai job , nevermind laa.. But , lanciao… they just resting at the roadside , chitchat , fucking, sodomising with each other.. and the road users stuck in the bloody jam like hell..

Kannineh, we all know that you son of the bitch want to claim OT to buy todi, tuak and blue film or even pay for the pondan asshole, but use your fucking limited edition of human brain laa.. do it after the 8 pm.  damn tulan !!



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