Sex Tourism II : Sexy Pondan Show

Here is another houlanchat good suggestion to the kapcai Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to increase fucking asshole tourist to Malaysia and solve the lack of night sex life problem.

Instead of have the fuck n fuck tiger show as what we have at the papaya farm of Thailand… Just have a daily pukimak concert of with lanciaotalented Pondans. This will also provide a better future and career for the lanciao talented pondans , they will no longer need to show their big fucking plastic home made big neh neh, sell their bloody smelly buttock to those sifattkwai… wooohooo…

At the same time , organized a pukimak reality show: The Malaysian Pondan Show to compete with Malaysian Idol and One in A milion. Give a fucking damn to the Akademi Fucktasia ( Mawi : the lanciao gatai man that dumb his stupid naive fiance for a better cibai hole) !!

 Hooray to Pondan of Malaysia…………   welcome the United Pondan National Organisation (UPNO) !!!


12 Responses to “Sex Tourism II : Sexy Pondan Show”

  1. brutal69 Says:

    semua nyer makhluk….

  2. Tiu and Get Tiu » Blog Archive » Robot is A Man Says:

    […] At the same time, if the man go to “chicken farm” to look for the hole or urut batin, this is damn normal.. provided that he is looking for the front hole, not back hole. […]

  3. sexwirm dot info Says:

    So cool site,

  4. firul Says:

    kalau boleh seberapa banyak gambar atau cerita antar lah ke email saya

  5. jerry Says:

    human beings are still animal by nature!It is still animal instinct which overcomes us when we are not mindful!Sex comes to our mind when ever.whatever and whoever comes into the picture!It is only when we have attained arahantship tha sexual desires are diminished & extinguished like a fire extingguisher putting out the flames!

  6. Says:

    hahahhah….spew lah dpt pondan ni boleh lain

  7. Says:

    hahahha…spew lah dpt pondan niey memang x ley main kejar2…tkot t kne rabe…

  8. Nazeera Says:

    Siape nak begaul dan berkawan dengan ku???
    I berumur 21..
    Dah lama menunggu untuk dapat boyfriend…
    Tolong call saye jika nak bergaul dengan saye…

  9. Saiful Says:

    Lelaki cari pondan atau nyah sekitar jb utk teman tapi mesra. Mesti dilayan. Emel

  10. loopzy Says:

    defeniately bookmarked

  11. sove Says:


    […]Sex Tourism II : Sexy Pondan Show « Tiu and Get Tiu[…]…

  12. gangtok hotels Says:

    gangtok hotels…

    […]Sex Tourism II : Sexy Pondan Show « Tiu and Get Tiu[…]…

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