Night life ? Sex Tourism laa

Now we know why Malaysia losing to other countries in SEA such as the red dot Geylang Singapore or the Sexy Papaya Farm Thailand, because we don’t have fucking place night life !

Bullshit again , farking with your mouth izzit ? Holding hand pun kena saman liao , somemore want to talk cibai night life. Better introduce lanciao urut package to farking addicted angmoh with special discount on keraskan lanciao with tongkat ali package laa.. I know some of the bitch and fucker outside will say ” ohh, night life doesnt means sex life ” , fark to those who say that !!

Do you want to spend you lanciao night with farking lan smelly Safari tour in the cibai Taiping zoo ?? better spend you cibai time to watch those Pondan bitch showing their Big Neh Neh at Kampung Pondan near the Taiping Lake laa.. 

Wow !! what a good idea to Majlis Perbandaran Taiping to promote Taiping rather the lanciao farking slogan of Bandar Warisan !! Better called it Bandar Pondan laa

We also have the smelly pukimak Chow Kit , Lorong haji taib to be a tourist spot… Do u want to earn those USD without polluted the environment ?? Please invest in non-smoke industry which is : Sex Tourism…

Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said the ministry had received complaints from foreign visitors that there was little nightlife in Malaysia as most shops closed at 10pm. 


One Response to “Night life ? Sex Tourism laa”

  1. Tiu and Get Tiu » Blog Archive » Sex Tourism II : Sexy Pondan Show Says:

    […] Here is another houlanchat good suggestion to the kapcai Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to increase fucking asshole tourist to Malaysia and solve the lack of night sex life problem. […]

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