Liewcf get farked ??

Liewcf get farked ? I am not so sure whether we can call this a a “fark” to liewcf , but definitely this sucker will get shocked..  even the tiger also showing his good “feeling” on the current blogosphere…

Lack of quality ? Kannineh , to them , only $$$$$ is more important…  Quality article ?? can throw to jamban and flush laa..

p/s: but still alots of fucker like us me like to do the samething , isn’t it ? so …. let FUCK together..


3 Responses to “Liewcf get farked ??”

  1. Head Hunter Says:

    you are fucking funny! haha

  2. Quality of Postings on Project Petaling Street « Says:

    […] I came across this post by ShaolinTiger recently and several other posts here and here in response to his initial post regarding the quality if pings on Project Petaling Street, PPS lately. […]

  3. korokmu Says:

    It is exactly the same way how liewcf built his website years ago; short posting sourcing from other sites with his two cents.

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