Robot is A Man

August 17, 2006


 Kanneh, they said that the mouse that we used everyday farking day is a female becos it use mouse pad.. ok.. although I very lan-not agree with that…

Let me show to all the farking idiot and bitch outthere…  do you know what gender a robot is ?

ROBOT IS A MAN….   see he need to plug in his “lanjiao” to get charge whether the energy level is low.. so does man..

Therefore , whenever , the man demand sex ; please give .. dun say that the man is hamsap.. remember , without the bloddy hamsapness.. you wont be here reading my lanjiao wuliao cheebye post.

At the same time, if the man go to “chicken farm” to look for the hole or urut batin, this is damn normal.. provided that he is looking for the front hole, not back hole.


Samseng Dusun Tua at UPM !!!

July 21, 2006


After the bully case happen at Sekolah Menengah , here come the gangterism at UNIVERSITY !!

Fark !! what is happening to Malaysia ??? Bloody bastard.. Uni student woor… fark.. is this what we have produced under the DEB ?? u gotta use ur bitch brain to think about it… 

Makchaohai… lu olang mai universiti belajar apa lanciao ??? Belajar jadi samseng dusun tua ?? pukimak… memalukan nama universiti Putra saja… nanti jadi Uni Pukimak Malaysia…

Apa nii.. u nii orang Melayu wooi, beragama Islam…   ingatlah sikit… dah laa kes rogol, sumbang mahram, liwat semua hangpa terror.. nii samseng pun hangpa nak terror jugak kaa ??

Kalu hangpa memang terror sangat..pii laa lawan Israel wooi…  Fucking asshole !! hangpa cuma tau fuck punggung saja.. mamat taik punggung !! Fark to the security guard there.. do what ???

I hope he been farked by Intel

July 14, 2006

I wish it was my bloody farking manager Canon king that get farked by Intel…. but damn… he is still alive .

Kannineh.. actually he have been rejected by a senior mgr of the company, donno why my big boss ( blind oredi kua ) go n hire him.. bloody hell.. fack him !!

Zidane going to fuck you !!!!

July 11, 2006

Zidane going to fuck you !!!!

Fark chance : dont wanna do it ?

July 11, 2006

Just have a quick chat with my cols , kanneh, some of them dont want to fark the manager woor.. say no time woor.. what the fark !!!

It is ok if you dont want to join n fark the bloody bicth farker, but pls dun you ever open you lanchat smelly mouth to me and complain that you been sodomize by him till you asshole burn and your shit coming out.. dont complain to me on how he behave..  you deserve for it.. it is your time to fark back and give him a damn n you dont wanna do it.???? 

Farking time is coming..

July 11, 2006

It is my time now !!!

I am gonna fark my immediate supervisor kaw kaw.. kannineh.. now is your turn to suffer , you bloody hamsap kiamsiap mother fucker.. i am gonna make your ass burn, make you kkc shorter ( although it was very farking small liao) and i am gonna make sure tht you smelly lanchat 2 balls will be shaking through out the nite.. He is so cibai kedekut, lanciao big head , pukimak hamsap.. and ________________________ ( fill in what you can think in your head for a bloody fucker ).

Damn Heavy Jam at FTZ , Penang

July 7, 2006

Anyone from Penang FTZ noticed that there was a weird farking damn tulan traffic jam happened yesterday at the Junction of Intel-Agilent ?

Puiih…. makchaohai laa… there was a road repairing done at the traffic peak time.. damn tulan… kanneh.. the contractor don have brain izzit , or he is using his two smelly lokchat to think and use his brain to fucking around the bloody pondan asshole ? Choose the wrong time to do the farking damn work..

If they are continuing the cibai job , nevermind laa.. But , lanciao… they just resting at the roadside , chitchat , fucking, sodomising with each other.. and the road users stuck in the bloody jam like hell..

Kannineh, we all know that you son of the bitch want to claim OT to buy todi, tuak and blue film or even pay for the pondan asshole, but use your fucking limited edition of human brain laa.. do it after the 8 pm.  damn tulan !!


World Cup Hot Pic: Part 4

July 7, 2006

Think No More , Say No More

This will surely the only team that hamsap kkc geng like we support all the time…. How many goals that they are going to suck score every match ? Think…………………………………

22 goals !!!  WHY ??  every players got 2 tits.. show it and score… so simple..


World Cup Hot Pic : Part III ( Sexy Bra?? )

July 7, 2006


What The Fark…. hey old auntie… you dont have other cloth oredi meh.. use your so special smelly lokchat bra to show how lanchat you support your team..kannineh… your are encouraging the cibai pukimak bangla , indon , nepal , vietnam illegal immigrant to start their farking damn good job: stealing bra…..

Do you know that later there will be alots of women going to go to the farking laoyeah balai polis to report that they lost their bra ???  and they may need to do ketuk ketampi in nude and get video-ed with the cibai hole and neh neh exposed to the bloody hamsap society of Malaysia . At the same time, you will give chance for the Cetak Rompak Lanun Malaysia Inc to have new stock of blue VCD/DVD selling like hot pisang goreng just like the sungai dua vdc and genting vcd ( all melayu punya lor…. kanneh… so gatai the cibai and lanciao )

World Cup Hot Pic , Part II

July 7, 2006

Tiuniasing, now linpeh understand oredi why the England lost the game… tiu laa.. all becos of this super hot sexy chick miah pasai laa… Kanneh… beh tahan leh.. I mean my kukuciao heart… fuuyooo….. see through neh neh…

for those lanciao kia or hamsap ahpek who feel sleepy while waiting for the coming match… wash you lanchat eye with this hot chick pics !! Big Papaya….. good for your kkc health